Innovation Culture: Moving Up

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The Curve

A facilitated guide to the next level.

Most companies and organisations now believe in the power of innovation and its effective impact on product development, engagement, competitiveness, future protection & improvement. Whatever the starting point to behaviour & practise, realisation quickly comes that innovation can progress across a spectrum of depth & breadth; where external advice can prove useful.

Facilitated Guide to the Next Level: Components can be discussed & adapted
Meeting Discuss objective, expectation & aim with CEO & innovation champion: “Where are you, where do you want to be – what does that involve?”
Facilitated meeting Bring the senior team on board & make decisions: “what do we need to put in place?”
Workshop 1 Move forward in terms of the alignment of vision, strategy & purpose: “what now in terms of space & environments?”
Workshop 2 Continue progress to the next level in terms of systems & the implementation of ideas: “how do we prioritise what’s important?”
Light touch consultancy Arms-length facilitation of the drive to comprehensive involvement: “how do we become an ‘evolved’ innovation culture?”

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