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Enabling Innovation Partners are involved in the Creation and Systemising of comprehensive Innovation Cultures within large SME’s and global businesses such as Doosan Babcock, Santander, Arup, Banco Colombia, Scottish Water, Scottish Government & the World Health Organisation. Chaired by Jim Mather, visiting Professor at Strathclyde University, Enabling Innovation are an alignment of senior practitioners, principal academics and global service providers at the leading edge of innovation culture development, set up to enable communities of innovation in organisations: from starting points using diagnostics & benchmarking, motivation & incentives, review & measurement to 360 methodologies where, as a partnership, we can call on a range of academics and highly experienced consultants to provide a rounded and contemporary service.

To further enable innovation we realise that technology has its part to play: from dashboard feeds & psychometric analysis tools through our Proactivity Scale & innovation indicator measures, our risk analysis & assessment tools, predictive analytic solutions to our revolutionary ‘Virtual Innovation Space’ avatar based virtual collaboration and meeting system we can provide our clients with access to state of the art IT: designed to parallel any directional move into the rigors of innovation culture creation. With MindGenious brainstorming & mind mapping software we are also in the process of co-developing a tool to facilitate innovation ideation coupled with project initiation & monitoring.

Collaboration & Open Innovation

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Increasingly, we find ourselves working as facilitators or co-ordinators of mutual collaboration partnerships where groups of companies come together to share technology development or common systems improvement for common benefit: based around a core business linked to supply chain or subcontractors; often involving other global service providers such as legal firms and national construction companies. For example, in partnership with the University of Strathclyde Business School we have been awarded a lead role in Scottish Enterprise’s initiative on Open Innovation Methodologies working with up to ten core organisations and a wide range of linked SME companies to drive and facilitate collaboration across the board.

For the water industry economic regulator WICS (the Water Industry Commission for Scotland) our Managing Partner Paul Fletcher, in partnership with Strathclyde University, is currently leading research in the water industry in Scotland on ‘Collaborative Approaches to Risk - Innovation in a Regulatory Environment’. Plan’s exist to publish this research and to progress to further phases in UK utilities and financial services; working with the industry regulators in each case and investigating collaborative working practise in tandem. For Scottish Water & WICS Paul has also just completed a report on collaborative technology development between Scottish Water and specific suppliers on mutual technology development. Paul sits on the Scottish Government HydroNation ‘Innovation Panel’ and has been proposed as a member of the Scottish Government committee on Cabinet-led Innovation.

For the global engineering design consultancy Arup, Paul has been appointed to work with English & Welsh water companies in the facilitation of open innovation & collaborative groupings of related companies with the broad aim to: “identify and co-ordinate pragmatic starting points in mutual collaboration in systems & technology”.

For the science based membership organisation CeeD (the Centre for Engineering Education Development) Paul is the key resource educator on innovation & strategy learning for their clinics, master classes and core Growth 500 programme across Scotland. This has led to the design and implementation of the What If? programme – providing ‘starting points’ in innovation culture & technology development for large SME’s not yet embarked on the innovation journey. Plans are in place for CeeD to further concern itself with innovation collaboration initiatives, around the likes of Prestwick Airport in Ayrshire, for the mutual benefit of those organisations involved.

Academic Basis: Enabling Innovation bases its thinking on work derived from Clay Christiansen (Disruptive Innovation) & (separately) Rita McGrath (Discovery Driven Growth) at Harvard and core principals put forward by Paul Burns, Joe Tidd & John Bessant. Obviously, the experience of our team and in particular Managing Partner Paul Fletcher means that we can point to practical leadership and global brand engagement.

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Jim Mather: Partner & Chairman

Jim is a Scottish Chartered Accountant and successful businessman, who entered politics in 2003 and was Scottish Minister for Enterprise, Energy and Tourism (2007-11).

Jim has a wealth of knowledge and experience of Leadership and Organisational Systems; he is currently a visiting professor with the University of Strathclyde, a director of the Strathclyde Institute of Operations Management and the chairman of Gael Ltd.

He is convinced that we are on the cusp of new collegiate approaches in the workplace that will offer resilience and transformational results - and position Scotland at the forefront of these exciting and deliverable initiatives.

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Paul Fletcher: Managing Partner

Paul is an award winning marketeer and senior management consultant whose previous positions include Director of Marketing (Europe) for the CIGNA Corporation of Philadelphia and Head of Strategy for Scottish Widows Investment Partnership (SWIP). With a parallel career in economic development he has worked in Downing Street advising on aspects of Entrepreneurship planning where his work in this area has been highlighted by the UK Government and the European Commission as ‘best practise’. In this context he also served on the Dti subcommittee on Business Growth & Survival under Barbara Roche. Formerly concerned with International Brand Expansion and Corporate Engagement at the University of Edinburgh Business School, where he linked the School with business at a CEO level he has also designed Management Learning for the likes of RBS, the World Health Organisation and the British Council.

Areas of specialism include Open & Collaborative innovation, creating Innovation Cultures, Strategy as a ‘behaviour‘ and the use of Philosophy in the boardroom.

Specialties: Innovation, Management Consultancy, Strategy, Future Strategy, Entrapreneurship/Intrapreneurship, Education Design, Emotional Intelligence, Marketing Management, Philosophy.

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